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Abertis autopistas y Áreas renuevan el área de servicio más grande de toda España

El área de servicio de La Jonquera, que cuenta con 7.187 m2 de superficie, se convierte en un espacio moderno y funcional que fomenta el descanso de los conductores y les ayuda a evadirse con una amplia oferta de servicios gastronómicos.

  • The La Jonquera Service Station, with 7,187 m2 of surface, has become a modern and functional space which encourages drivers to rest and helps them to disconnect with a wide range of culinary services
  • The installations include free WiFi, a new culinary brand, COMO, a Burger King, improved children’s areas and a cutting edge vending machine
  • The renovation of La Jonquera forms part of the overall service area transformation on highways AP-7, AP-2 and AP-68


Barcelona, December 22, 2015.- Abertis autopistas and Áreas have renovated Spain’s largest service station, turning it into a versatile, modern and functional space. These renovations are in the La Jonquera service station, located on the stretch of the AP-7 in the province of Girona and which has a total surface of 7,187 square meters. The renovated space transforms the drivers’ stop into an experience which promotes rest and relaxation thanks to a wide range of new features in travel retail adapted for all publics, from commuters to large groups and families.

This service station, the port of entry and exit to France, is constructed in a building designed in 1976 by the famous architect and principal renovator of 20th century Catalan architectural culture, Josep Lluís Sert. This space transforms the concept of client service into client experience thanks to its redesign, improvements and modernization. The new installations incorporate value added services, where technology and leisure spaces take priority. Drivers will find free WiFi, improved children’s areas, a new type of in-route nursery, picnic area, and cutting edge vending machine, Deli Corner.

COMO, the new culinary brand for the most demanding palates

Áreas will also launch in this space its new brand, COMO, which has been developed by the company. COMO is characterized by its versatility, as it makes a wide range of delicious possibilities available for the most demanding palates. From freshly made gourmet sandwiches with breads to exquisite regional plates such as escudella catalana (a traditional soup and stew).

In addition to COMO, among the new culinary options, Áreas will make a mix of tastes available for passengers through a unique combination of brands. Drivers will find the best hamburgers cooked on the grill by Burger King, in an outlet which is unveiling a new, more welcoming and warmer image. And the catalog of brands is made complete with Eureka, a new sensory supermarket concept with an incorporated tobacco shop, which makes it easier for passengers to shop by making its wide catalog of convenience articles, artisanal foods with guarantee of origin and gifts available.

This culinary project responds to the new habits and needs of highway drivers and clients. Prior to implementing this plan, and renovating this space, Abertis autopistas and Áreas performed an in-depth study of the different service areas to adapt each of them to the new habits of their regular users.

An ambitious plan with special importance in Girona

This renovation forms part of the final phase of the highway service station renovation plan, which includes reforming a total of 17 installations on routes AP-7, AP-2 and AP-68, all of which are managed by Abertis autopistas, and which has included an investment of 12.78 million Euros for Áreas.

The comprehensive renovation of the service stations was started in 2011 and is concentrated in the service stations on the AP-7 in Girona. Specifically, in the La Jonquera service station, traffic until November 2015 grew 5.5% compared with the same period in the last year. Due to its strategic situation, connected with the French border, this service station has become a popular place to spend extended period of time, used by driers who make long journeys, whether for vacations or for work reasons.