The world's first "Espace Evian" opens at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport in collaboration with Areas

The first "Espace Evian" offers "pure water, pure food" themed menus.

Evian, the international premium water brand and world leader in sales, has chosen Spain as the location to open its first “pure water, pure food” corner in the world. Evian, the world’s No. 1 water brand in terms of sales, has called its flagship store “Espace Evian”. In collaboration with Areas, the Spanish leading company in Food & Beverage and Travel Retail, the location chosen for the “Espace Evian” is Terminal 4 of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, providing the brand with exceptional visibility.

It is a new food and beverage concept that for the first time brings together Evian’s most essential and representative brand values – health, purity, elegance, hydration and balance – in a gourmet space that conveys the authentic style of Evian Alpine water.

This space ties in with a growing concern for well-being and living a healthy life. “Consumers want to take care of themselves wherever they are and look for healthy options away from home, even in places like airports, where it has traditionally been difficult to find natural, balanced menus,” comments a company spokesperson. “It is also very important to stay hydrated during a journey in order to avoid jet lag”. Considering that we can lose up to a liter of water in a 3-hour flight, “Espace Evian” provides hydration in a quiet and comfortable environment. 

This flagship store is designed as a place in which Evian reflects and conveys, by means of a culinary experience, the health and quality of its waters and other products such as Badoit natural sparkling water, Volvic water in strawberry and lemon flavors and its Danone yogurts, which will also be present in its own “La Yogurteria Danone (YO&CO)” space.

The gourmet offering includes five healthy menus, each featuring its own on-trend theme: Hydration Menu; Purity Menu; Live Young Menu; Origin Menu and Detox Menu. These menus include dishes like Spanish gazpacho, a vegan bagel and fresh fruit smoothies. For under €20 you can enjoy any of these special menus made with prime quality ingredients.

The brand’s merchandising will be another of the corner’s strengths, with products like Baby T-shirts, caps, leather wallets and purses, shopping bags, notebooks, pens and USB sticks, among others.

The corner, occupying an area of 142 m2, will continue in the same cosmopolitan, avant-garde and innovative line that Evian water represents, using 100% natural products in its interior design, with parquet floors and an image that reflects the purity of the water. The corporate colors – white, red, blue and pink – will be prevalent.

The rounded furnishings, the paneling and the silhouette of the Alps drawn on one of the walls, Evian’s symbol, are reminiscent of the quality of its Alpine origin, where Evian water remains for 15 years until it is bottled in France.

With this exclusive worldwide opening, in the heart of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, with its over 15.5 million passengers per year, Spain becomes a strategic country for the French brand.