19 Sep 17 - Press releases - Airports

The restaurant Yandiola touches down in Bilbao’s airport

Areas, the leading Food&Beverage and Travel Retail company, has opened a replica of the famed Yandiola restaurant together with Ricardo Pérez in Bilbao’s airport. The outlet is located within the Exploring The World From Bilbao, an innovative and creative concept created in collaboration with Cervezas San Miguel, where fusion cuisine meets the emerging trend of Street Food. The new 352-m² space combines both concepts and is located in the airport’s departure area.

Ricardo Pérez heads Yandiola, a restaurant with a long and successful local history. Located in Alhóndiga, in the city of Bilbao, the restaurant has won numerous awards and distinctions, including the Gorogollo gold medal for best restaurant in Bilbao and the Best of Wine Tourism awards in the restaurant category.  For the airport of Bilbao, Yandiola is a commitment to using authentic local produce as the basis of its healthy, high quality meals. The culinary options are directly supervised by Ricardo Pérez and the staff spend months in his restaurant to soak up his work philosophy.

As entrées, the prestigious chef proposes delicious dishes with vegetable ingredients such as smoked Keia salmon, prawn and watercress salad with vinaigrette garnish as well as the breaded vegetable stew over purple Zalla onion juice. For the main meals, his surprising creations with meats and fish stand out, such as tacos with beef stewed in red wine as well as the tasting plate of cod in pil pil sauce and ranero club style cod. The desserts are the cherry on top. They include delicious creations such as the crispy Idiazábal cheese, quince and iced walnut cake and the red berry gratin with creamy ice cream.

Areas was awarded the contract to manage five outlets in Bilbao’s airport in May of last year for a period of 8 years, becoming the airport’s largest food and beverage operator. This renewed culinary offer intends first to improve the traveler’s experience, offer a greater variety and bring culinary concepts which have had great success in the city center to the airport. The renewal, which combines renowned local brands (Arrese) with global benchmark brands (Starbucks and Burger King) as well as other coffee & bakery brands (Santa Gloria), is made complete with Yandiola’s grand opening.

For its part, Exploring the World From Bilbao is an innovative and creative space where travelers will find a wide variety of high quality products with an ample offer which satisfies the diverse demands of the passengers who travel through this airport. The acclaimed chef proposes a particular journey through the cuisine of the world in this concept with plates such as vegetable or chicken gyoza, tuna tataki with citric soy and ginger, as well as hot pork, without losing sight of the essence of local cuisine, which includes a selection of the region’s pinchos: the classic “Gilda”, the trainera and the emblematic hake taco with roasted peppers. The space also offers an array of cold and warm sandwiches, created with crispy thin bread and delicious combinations of ingredients such as pork shoulder with Camembert, salmon with Wasabi mayonnaise and Raf tomato with tuna loin. All these plates are paired to perfection with an ample variety of San Miguel Beers available in the space.

Exploring the World From Bilbao also offers an extensive variety of tasting plates from Yandiola which allow passengers to get to know the restaurant’s flavors. The options range from ranero club cod loin to cod in pil pil sauce, including octopus with oil, potatoes and mojo sauce.