05 Mar 19 - Press releases - Airports

The new La Place healthy concept for the first time at the Barcelona-El Prat airport by Areas

La Place, the internationally famous Dutch food brand, lands in Barcelona-El Prat with Areas, leader in Food&Beverage and Travel Retail, becoming the second opening in Spain after Madrid-Barajas airport last year. Located on Terminal 1’s 2nd floor, the premises are 905 square meters and have capacity for 200 guests.

La Place is a Dutch chain of restaurants that offers a unique concept; good food fast. The brand offers agile service and a highly attractive selection deployed in the Barcelona-El Prat airport in a Grab&Go format. A cool and trendy international food market. It offers travelers clockless eating: a varied and natural and healthy selection all day long, made to order with seasonal ingredients on display. 

This new restaurant’s offering is characterized by being natural, fresh, and homemade. All the dishes are made with natural ingredients, some organic and no artificial flavors. From the tomatoes in the salads to the fruit for smoothies, all the ingredients are, as far as possible, local.

The restaurant’s menu is designed to satisfy travelers’ needs throughout the day with a variety of cuisines that cover four themed areas: healthy, La Place’s core concept; salads, juices and smoothies, Italian pizzas and pastas; a coffee shop with a large selection of pastries and fresh fruit; and Asian food with wok options based on fresh vegetables.  It also has a grill to fish, chicken and burgers to order.

La Place is an honest brand committed to the healthy lifestyle which is garnering so much success in the finest airports of the world. It already has 100 restaurants downtowns, airports, train stations, highways, and malls around Europe, the United States, Canada and Asia.


With the opening of this new restaurant, La Place becomes part of the contract to operate 15 new establishments in the Barcelona-el Prat airport.  Since last July Areas has opened 10 outlets in Barcelona’s airport including Javier de las Muelas with Montesquiu and Dry Martini, Santa Gloria, Deli&Cia, 4 Burger Kings, COMO, Boldú, and La Place. Another five will be opening soon: One more Burger King, MasQMenos and two Exkis.