15 Jul 16 - Press releases - Motorways

Abertis autopistas and Areas finalize their renovation plan for the travel plazas on the AP-7 with the opening of ‘COMO’ in La Selva

The La Selva Travel Plaza (direction of La Jonquera), with a total surface of 240m2, has been transformed into a modern and functional space which encourages drivers to rest and helps them to disconnect with a carefully selected range of services.
The infrastructures incorporate the new culinary brand COMO with a broad terrace and cutting edge vending machines available 24 hours a day. La Selva’s renovation finalizes the global transformation plan for travel plazas on highways AP-7, AP-2 and AP-68.

Abertis autopistas and Areas have finalized their remodeling plan of the travel plazas on the AP-7 with the opening of the renovated La Selva travel plaza (direction toward La Jonquera), located on the stretch of the AP-7 in Girona, which has a total of 115 square meters inside plus 125 square meters on the terrace.

The renewed space transforms drivers’ stops into an experience which encourages them to rest and disconnect thanks to its redesign, improvement and modernization. The new installations incorporate food and beverage options suitable for all publics and valued added services such as free wifi and a Deli Corner, cutting edge vending machines available 24 hours a day. Travelers can also enjoy a 125 m2 terrace with modern decorations inspired by the street food concepts which are a big hit in the city center. The space is a surprisingly welcoming and modern atmosphere for clients, perfect to take a pleasant break.


In this travel plaza, Areas has opened its new brand, COMO, developed by the company and implemented with great success for the first time in the La Jonquera travel plaza. COMO is characterized by its options, making a careful selection available for everyone. Travelers can find offers ranging from regional products such as coca de xató or a cone of potatoes with Espinaler sauce, to special breakfasts which include delicious novelties such as pear crisps or the original cruffin (croissant+muffin), the latest trend from the United States.

This culinary project responds to the new habits and needs of highway drivers and clients. Prior to implementing this plan, and renovating this space, Abertis autopistas and Areas performed an in-depth study of the different service areas to adapt each of them to the new habits of their regular users.

“We are very proud of the renovation of the La Selva travel plaza. We have managed to bring innovation and the latest trends to the highway to surprise clients and allow them to enjoy their stay in a unique and welcoming environment, with novel food and beverage options”, explained Oscar Vela, Areas CEO for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Areas rounds out its options with an attractive culinary proposal in the La Selva plaza in the direction of Barcelona. Travelers can relax and enjoy the best coffee in Il Caffè di Roma or dine on the best hamburgers cooked “on the Grill” from Burger King, which also offers its Playkids children’s playground.


This renovation finalizes the highway travel plaza renovation plan, which includes reforming a total of 17 installations on routes AP-7, AP-2 and AP-68, all of which are managed by Abertis autopistas, and which has included an investment of 12.78 million Euros for Areas.

The global renovation of travel plazas began in 2011 and placed emphasis on the travel plazas on the AP-7 in Girona, and in this area, the project finalizes with this new opening of the La Selva travel plaza.

“We here in abertis autopistas work to guarantee the highest level of safety for drivers who choose to travel by highway. As such, we always remind them that they must take regular stops and to do so, we make innovative spaces available for them, like the one in the La Selva travel plaza”, ensures Anna Bonet, assistant general director of abertis autopistas.

In the La Selva travel plaza, traffic until May 2016 grew 4.7% compared with the same period in the last year.