Burger King® means to Have It Your Way! It is the most versatile hamburger chain, with food made on the spot and to the customer’s tastes. It is food served quickly. It means delivering on its quality promise in service and product.

Burger King® is the best place for the best hamburgers. Burger King Corp., the second-largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world, is the benchmark for grilled meat fans who want to customize their hamburger in record time.

The star product of Burger King Corp. is the Whopper®, which can be ordered in 221,184 different ways. In addition to the leadership of the Whopper®, Burger King boasts other types of hamburgers (Cheeseburger, Big King, Bacon Cheeseburger…) and chicken specialties such as Chicken Tendergrill®, targeted at women. Its diversified offering also includes sides (such as onion rings, fries, Chicken Fries and the SnackBox) and desserts in different formats.