Airea is a new concept in travel plazas which provides a break during a trip and offers customers a new experience. It boasts a series of features in a welcoming setting that will make family trips a lot more enjoyable.

Airea’s mixed concept integrates our two core business models (catering and retail) in a single commercial space operated by the same team of professionals.

The improvement and modernization of these spaces, including value-added services such as free wifi, a new food offering, indoor and outdoor children’s areas, latest-generation vending machines, and a new concept in restrooms, provide a new image and enhanced user experience.

Airea can presently be found at the following plazas: Monegros (AP-2 km 86), Montseny (AP-7 km 117), Lleida (AP-2 Km 143), Empordà (AP-7 Km 35), and Sobradiel (AP-68 Km 286).