Key figures

Areas, the leading operator in Spain in the travel food and beverage industry, attends travelers with the dedication and knowledge of a first-rate specialist.

Areas in Spain

69.5 million customers per year

4,300 employees

No. 1 in Spain


Operates in 20 airports

Leader at Madrid-Barajas, the airport with the most passenger traffic

201 restaurants and stores


205 restaurants and outlets on highways

42 highway travel plazas

No. 1 in concession food and beverage outlets on toll roads in Spain

Train stations

65 restaurants and stores at train stations

38 train stations

Operates at principal stations such as Sants, Chamartín, and Atocha

Exhibition venues and downtown areas

Operates at the leading exhibition venues in Spain: Fira de Barcelona and IFEMA.

Principal catering operator at Fira de Barcelona