Food and beverage in the travel industry

Areas, an international brand from the Elior Group and the 3rd largest food and beverage company in the travel industry, manages more than 2,200 outlets in 12 countries, including Spain.

A global brand from the Elior Group

Areas is the brand that groups together the concessions business of the international food and beverage services group Elior, after joining with Italian firm MyChef and Elior’s global brand for the concessions business. This reorganization of the three brands under the name of Areas gave rise to a new brand with over 21,600 employees that manages more than 2,200 outlets in 12 countries in Europe as well as the US, Mexico, and Chile.

Savor your way, our slogan

The slogan “Savor Your Way” is a concept that defines the company's values, based on seeking maximum excellence at the service of the customer.

Everybody has different motivations and expectations when it comes to travel and Areas joins its in-depth knowledge of travelers’ needs with the most extensive range of gastronomic concepts on the market to offer travelers’ palates the perfect combination of ingredients.

Areas. Savor Your Way.

About the Elior Group

Founded in 1991, Elior Group has grown into one of the world's leading operators in the catering and support services industry, and is now a benchmark player in the business & industry, education, healthcare, and travel markets.

In FY 2014-2015, it generated €5,674 million in revenue through 18,600 restaurants and points of sale in 13 countries. Our 108,000 employees serve 4 million customers on a daily basis, taking genuine care of each and every one by providing personalized catering and service solutions to ensure an innovative customer experience.

We place particular importance on corporate social responsibility and have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. The professional excellence of our teams, as well as their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation and to providing best-in-class service is embodied in our corporate motto: "Time savored".